Read Today – 2nd November

Today, I read two interesting articles which I would like pointing out to my friends.

First is an Open Letter to Steve Ballmer from the lead of Mandriva. I too had my comments to this but as am running back home, will add it later. Nigerian Government has decided that they will replace Mandriva Linux,, which was actually customized for the Classmate PC going to be used, with M$ Windows though they will be paying for the Mandriva. Its not just a 100 or 1000 PCs but 17000 machines, which could have been otherwise running a GNU/Linux OS and the Nigerian kids would have got a chance to learn about Freedom in Software. Damn! 😡

Second is a wiki page pointed out by Onkar Shinde on OLPC in India. I was really impressed by their work and success. Hope more of such success stories follows 🙂


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