digging up

My mom wanted my good ol’ cupboard to be cleaned up and junk stuffs thrown out so she gets some space to use. This little piece of wood built into the corner of my ex-room has served the past 8 years as a store house of all artifacts right from my child hood, though a few things got their place in the “paran” above.

I have my entire collection of Digit and LFY in it, but don’t know what to do with all these mags which I don’t read anymore. I do not want them to be put to the paper wala.

I dug up the first copied of the magazines which I edited and/or co-authored during my school and college days.  I find them to be totally amateurish and unprofessional now, especially the type facing. But those are precious, and the very experience got me my first job.

I had an entire collection of science and maths books from my schooling. I even picked up one to brush through probability and statistics which I very much need now. And in the deep bottom of all these were all the marriage invitations of my cousins.

I discovered my notes which I had made during my non-academic learning process, especially on microprocessor programming, Matlab, PHP, Python, HTML and CSS, ABAP and lot more. I also found all my puzzle books that I had bought during those days when I attended at least one test/interview every week for getting my first job.

One of the magazines actually had pictures of my college department staffs, super seniors and seniors, and I was trying to figure out how many of theirs names I still do remember. Well, I could remember most of the girls’ names 😉

Finally, I moved up two bags full of (may be around a dozen+) books from the cup board to my existing book shelf, realizing that I will be finding it hard to accommodate the books I buy in the future 😛 I have 3 books on Red Hat Linux and 4 books for C++ (I have 4 books on Python as well, all from O’Rielly) now.


the book meme

Though am not in Planet Ubuntu, I thought of adding to the ongoing meme. The rules are simple,

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open it to page 56.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

Here’s mine from Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman,

Whenever information needed to do a task is readily available in the world, the need for us to learn it diminishes.

Well this seems good enough as a reason for using GNU/Linux 😉

it arrived

When I moved to Bangalore, I managed to bring with me a reasonable collection of books. I had a *free* bookshelf in my earlier house that I could manage to keep them safe somewhere. When I moved down to my current house, what I lacked was a decent bookshelf to stack my books. As a result, they were lying around in my bedroom and mom was always complaining that she couldn’t clean the room because of this. Hence I decided to buy a bookshelf big enough to hold my books. The idea got procrastinated for a few weeks and finally bought one this weekend.

Here is the newly arrived bookshelf and after it got filled with the books I have.

new bookshelf

new bookshelf

filled bookshelf

filled bookshelf

Now I need to bring a few more books from Chennai and get some more to fill the voids here and there 😉

New Books

After a long time, a friend of mine gave me the opportunity to visit Landmark at Spencers today as well as provoked me enough to buy some books. This time I picked more of the pocket reference books than normal ones. The 5 books which I bought this time are,

  1. MySQL in a Nutshell, O’Reilly
  2. C++ Pocket Reference, O’Reilly
  3. Regular Expression Pocket Reference, O’Reilly
  4. Javascript Pocket Reference, O’Reilly
  5. HTML & XHTML Pocket Reference

To my surprise, the book #4 was given for a special price of 25 Rs while the original price was 65 Rs.  This made my friend go back again and look for the book, but unfortunately they had run out of stock  😦

I have been, for the past 3 months, taking books from my Chennai home to my Bangalore home in small number of books at a time that now my collection at Bangalore is sufficient for my normal requirements. I intend to take no more books from next time, rather start reading through the books I have moved there.