some time no post catching up

Three weeks since I moved back to Chennai, the first week went off in settling down in the new rented house with packers and movers shifting stuffs from Bangalore, some electrical, carpentry and plumbing works getting done, Airtel broadband getting installed and a lot more. The next week saw me traveling 60 km a day, to work and back home  put together, leaving me all tired to try doing anything else other than having my dinner and catching some early sleep so I can get up early the next morning and go to work. As Internet is under restricted mode at work, no possibility of catching me up on line during day time from now.

Works been sounding interesting so far. Bought a book on Probability and Statistics and catching up some idea so I would be able to perform better at work. Hopefully would start committing code from Monday. I fortunately landed up a day before the CEO came down from US of A, especially for working with our team’s new efforts for some time. It’s been great going though all I have been doing these 2 weeks was to get into the grove with the rest of the team and the code base.

One of the happy things is that I am not asked to work on a Windows machine but a Centos machine with KDE3.x on it. Also that I get some nice breakfast and lunch, and more importantly coffee/tea/chocolate milk any time I want 😉

Traveled over the newly constructed Guindy Grade Separator aka Fly-over few times from all directions and it is indeed wonderful. Hope lot of such projects keep happening to address the worsening traffic conditions of Chennai. As a downside, they reverted back the one-way rule around Ashok Pillar to the earlier problematic turn-any-side so that all those traffic jams is coming back to embrace us back.

Nothing else interesting enough to be blogged. With around a week left for Jaunty release, need to catch with the junta and all the excitement of yet another Ubuntu release.


2 thoughts on “some time no post catching up

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