happenings update for Feb09

There are too many things happening so I thought of summing them together..

  1. freed.in 2009 at Delhi
  2. FOSS Meet at NIT Calicut
  3. fossconf 2009 at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai

But I wouldn’t be attending any of them. I always plan to attend freed.in but keep missing it. It’s been 2 years since I went to NIT Calicut as well. And this time am missing fossconf as well, being the first time I miss an event by my home LUG.

Besides the conferences, there seems to be lot of User Group activity in Bangalore. Today, both ILUG Bengaluru and BangPypers (Bangalore Python Users Group) met separately at Thought Works in the afternoon. GNU(s) grazing is also pending for sometime now. CIS is also organizing a talk on “The Internet and Illusions of Space and Liberty” by Kiran Sahi during the beginning of March.


3 thoughts on “happenings update for Feb09

  1. I haven’t attended freed.in. This time I don’t have the guts to go either. Somhow I managed to get a one day leave for the FOSSMEET@NITC. I miss you, Aanjhan, Kartik, Kushal and the list continues for the FOSSMEET @NITC.

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