a day`s trip to hessarghatta

It was an extended weekend and I didn’t want to let it go waste, so did haxplorer and vegpuff. Our first plan, as suggested my colleague, was to drive will Sangama near Kanakpura where Cauvery meets with Akravathi and flows through a narrow gorge, and then cross the river and trek to Mekadatu. We had plans to leave by 7 in the morning and return by night.

By Sunday’s morning, plans had changed and haxplorer was in a hunt to find alternative place. We fnally managed to fix on bike ride to Nrityagram, a dance gurukul in Hessarghatta and then trek over some fort in Doddaballapur. We started in two bikes at 10.30 AM from my house and started driving towards Hessarghatta. We had to face a peak hour weekend traffic over Tumkur road, and having a lunch meal in some restaurant near Dasarahalli.

After 1.5 hours of driving through country side, we reached Nrityagram around 2.30. As we were parking our bikes, we noticed the security to be looking us like people who missed the flight. The reason was that the place closes by 2 PM on weeekends and thus we were there 30 mins after close down. But we weren’t alone as so many others too had come late. We decided to get as much as possible in our cameras.

We then started driving around, on our way back, and found a muddy load leading through a grassland. We started exploring and me got the chance to drive this wonderful bike..

We took rest under the shades of trees, chatting about all foo and bar. We left the place around 4.30 PM and found this lake on our way.

We reached my home back around 7 pm. Although we never happened to get inside Nrityagram or not even go anywhere near the trekking ideas, we at least got these..


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