hugging the beta ibex

Following my earlier post on Ubuntu’s upcoming release Intrepid Ibex 8.10, and having seen a few people on Planet Ubuntu and my very own buddy tuxmaniac, I thought of posting how good and bad ibex seems to be at

If you’re installing or upgrading ibex at this instant, you might end up facing a few issues that seems to exist commonly. We hope you really understand that you’re installing a beta version, which is exclusively for people who want to play with a clay horse which hasn’t yet hardened up enough for the big fat kid to ride. You may catchup with one of the following,

  • The bootup failure regression bug, which seems to occur due to some bug in the iwl3945 drivers, causing the bootup to hang during the initial stages of splash screen. A cold reboot might actually help you bootup and people are working on it. I suffered this, but the probability of it is one in ten boots or may be even smaller.
  • A few seem to have caught with the terminator bug, but it works fine for me. Only thing is that I wish there was someway to permanently turn off the titlebar for every split windows instead of doing it each time manually. May be I should report it somewhere 😉
  • A lot of people have reporting issues of Firefox crashing away when opening some heavy flash sites, but nothing is on youtube and hence it is good enough for normal browsing habits 😉 Still, it is under progress and hope it would get fixed soon.
  • The sound bug is back with a bang, as it has always been a headache. I first heard it from Jace who tried Intrepid a few days before me and since then had been complaining that the sound goes off in the middle. Though I didn’t face it initially, yesterday suddenly my rhythmbox stopped playing songs and was just skipping the playlist. Fiddling around with the sound server settings didn’t help, only a reboot did. Am looking for the right bug to add more information to it.
  • I also triaged some issue with laptop keyboards and mouse suddenly going out of action when in the login screen. But people are able to get into virtual terminals, kill gdm and try again. I haven’t hit this one, but am triaging a few of them (and their duplicates).
  • Second Life got worse with the graphics nothing but a mess of high density colors. Am not sure whether it has something do with the upgraded version of SL for Linux which itself is in beta, or something to do with my desktop.
  • I noticed Compiz Config Settings Manager to miss a Desktop Plane option, which was there in the earlier version, and this is my favourite option. When I tried Desktop Cube, it just didn’t work and I even lost the mobility to other workspaces. Hope it gets better with the future updates.

Now, if you are past these things, welcome to the wonderful world of Intrepid Ibex. Things that have improved,

  • First thing you will notice during a fresh install is that the partition manager has improved and looks better now.
  • Network Manager is working better, managing between the wireless at home and wired at office, but would be better if it can catch up back with the same connection after a power cut 😉
  • The New (Dark) Human Theme might be a relief for many from the usually detested brown one. But the theme has a few bad color choices, especially in firefox when some colors make the text completely illegible until I select them manually.
  • Tuxmaniac reported something about Pidgin, but am still wondering what he meant 😛

On the whole, this beta is a lot better than the beta(s) I have had so far from Ubuntu. When the final release happens, it’s gonna rock the world again and we’re working hard to make sure of it.

* 20 days more *


2 thoughts on “hugging the beta ibex

  1. LOL. Even I am wondering. The point is I typed the draft of this blog when I was 750 ml of Beer down and 2 really big design assigments finished. So was typing whatever came into mind and then suddenly, someone pinged me on Pidgin. Hence I put a sentence about Pidgin, but then couldnt figure out anything special but didnt want to delete the line. So jsut made a mess and left 😛

  2. About sound issue. I initially thought the bug is same as bug 274124 and hence added lots of comments there. But now I am thinking if should log separate bug. For me, choosing pulse output form sound preferences cause video slowdowns or complete freezes in rhythmbox as well as totem. When using alsa output I do not get freezes but audio frames are skipped.

    I personally do not like new human theme. It is tiring for eyes. There are few other themes in community-themes package you might want to try.

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