The Intrepid Ibex Beta

It’s just around the corner, your long trust worthy friend is taking a yet another avatar and arriving at your desktops soon. To celebrate 4 years of successful presence in your desktops, here comes another new release from the Ubuntu community, the Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. The brave wild goat is on the run towards your home and should land in your doorsteps by this moth end, ending 6 months of hard work that the wonderful Ubuntu community has put into it. The countdown has started… 24 days to go!

As a closest chance to taste it before it arrives, Ubuntu 8.10 Beta is now available for download. Get a copy and try it out. This can be another chance to contribute something back to your favourite Linux distribution, give us the feedback, test it out on your computers and report problems to us (ya, it’s beta and there can be issues here and there).

There are a few new things in Intrepid that are worth their mention…

Xorg 7.4 brings improved support for automatic configuration of input
hardware, such as keyboards and mice.

3G support: Network Manager 0.7 comes with a number of greatly anticipated
features, including management of 3G connections (GSM/CDMA) and PPP/PPPoE

Guest sessions: the User Switcher panel applet provides a new option for
starting a Guest session.  This creates a temporary, password-less user
account with restricted privileges - perfect for lending out your laptop for
a quick email check.

If you belong to an official Ubuntu Loco Team, then you can pre-order Ubuntu Intrepid CDs even before it gets released and it will land at your doorstep within 2 weeks from the release date.

**Ubuntu India Team is not pre-ordering the Ubuntu Intrepid CDs because of the customs cost involved and to avoid the wastage of CDs it results in usually. We are otherwise pleased to burn you a copy of Intrepid given an empty media.
** Errr, that countdown banner javascript doesn’t seem to work with this blog. If I copy paste the<script> tag line, it just vanishes away when I save the page. *sigh*


One thought on “The Intrepid Ibex Beta

  1. It should be embedded in the blog – footer, sidebar or just below the header, to sit above the latest post. I don’t think you can put it *in* a post.

    And yes, great news!

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