it arrived

When I moved to Bangalore, I managed to bring with me a reasonable collection of books. I had a *free* bookshelf in my earlier house that I could manage to keep them safe somewhere. When I moved down to my current house, what I lacked was a decent bookshelf to stack my books. As a result, they were lying around in my bedroom and mom was always complaining that she couldn’t clean the room because of this. Hence I decided to buy a bookshelf big enough to hold my books. The idea got procrastinated for a few weeks and finally bought one this weekend.

Here is the newly arrived bookshelf and after it got filled with the books I have.

new bookshelf

new bookshelf

filled bookshelf

filled bookshelf

Now I need to bring a few more books from Chennai and get some more to fill the voids here and there 😉


3 thoughts on “it arrived

  1. BEAUTIFUL! Some of my shelves are sagging, my books in the basement held up by cinder blocks…and I see a unit like yours and I’m green with envy. You’re clearly someone who loves–and loves to show off–his books.

    This author salutes your devotion and respect for the printed word…

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