For Reading (25th September 2008)

When I closed the Feed Reader this morning, I realized that I had a dozen tabs opened in my browser due to all the clicking I did from the feeds. I thought of making a blog post out of it as most of them seem to be interesting enough.

Gnome 2.24 is out

Gnone 2.24!!

Gnone 2.24!!

Next is an interesting article (which links to another lot of interesting articles) on 10 easy ways to attract women to your FOSS project. (This might become the most clicked link in my blog, soon! 😛 )

If you are using irssi and looking for one another hacked-to-look-nice theme, here is 88_madcows theme from Aaron Toponce and a preview of how it looks.

If you want to check out some kewl artwork which might get into Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid, checkout the stuffs in Kenneth Wimer’s PPA. (Note: PPA are personal playgrounds and neither Kenneth nor /me take responsibility for the darker side of your fate 😉 )

If you are a frequent Google Maps or Yahoo! Maps user, but would like to have your own personalized maps somewhere then you might like to check out GeoServer.

Today Ubuntu Bugs is celebrating another Hug Day, and today the attention goes to the Update Manager. Make use of this opportunity to jump in and hug some bugs. The Update Manager Hug Day announcement/bug list is here and if you want some help then please do read this debugging wiki page.

That’s all for today, I myself gotta check them out all yet! 😉


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