Catching up

Am either lazy or find no time to sit and craft a blog post. Anyways, need to catch up with things once in a while and keep this blog alive.

Ubuntu Developer Week happened between September 1-5 2008 at #ubuntu-classroom in It was very informative and useful, introducing to a wide variety of topics from bugs to patches to coding to testing. I managed to catch up with a few of them, even tried to try it hands on during the session. It was one smilar session that I got used to bug triaging months ago, and this time it was Daniel Holbach blessing me with more gyan about patching and packaging. There were other wonderful sessions on Upstream Bug Linkages by Jorge Castro, a WebKit browser in PyKDE by Riddel, Unit Testing Python code by Lars Wirzenius, Introduction to Bzr by David Futcher, and a lot more. I plan to convert these logs into properly formatted documents and load them to the ubuntu-in wiki. The participation in most of these sessions were awesome, with the opening session by Holback drawing around 200 people to be on the channel. Discovered a lot more ways to contribute to Ubuntu and need to work a lot more on it in coming days.

My dear buddy from ILUGC Aanjhan Ranganathan aka tuxmaniac left India and has safely landed in Swiss soil, even settled down in his accommodation. Will be missing him a lot although he is always present in oru channel #ubuntu-in. He is the one who always gives me lift in his car whenever we both were in Chennai and could attend ILUGC meet. Best wishes to him, as this is one of his long existent dreams which has started happening 🙂

Watched my much awaited KDE Usability Project talk by Celeste during Akademy 2008. Videos for talks from Akademy 2008 are starting to appear and the here mentioned talk can be got as OGG video from here. Looking forward for the video taken during the Usability workshop conducted during Akademy 2008 as well.

That’s it for now, catch you all soon..


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