the surprise sunday meet

My weekends have either become boring with housekeeping chores or traveling to villages meeting my relatives. But this one was different, with 4 of my Ubuntu Indian Team buddies turning up at my house for almost half a day. Aanjhan (tuxmanaic), Onkar Shinde (slytherin) and Roshan (ubunturos) made it to my home by 1 PM, soon followed by Barkha (baks17) who managed to come close to my house and then lost the way. It was a farewell meet for 2 of them and welcome (to Bengaluru) meet for another one 😉 (I leave it as homework for you to find who is who :P)

Then as all of us were quite hungry, we made a little walk to Nandini at R T Nagar and managed to get a table for 5 within 5 minutes. The poor thing was all of us were vegetarians 😦 and hence we ended up ordering Andhra Full Meals for 3 of us while the other 2 resorted to Naans and Rotis. The food was very good and we were half asleep when we came out of the restaurant. Onkar then picked up some sweet corn on the way. We came back home and starting preparing for the hackathon/bug jam. Aanjhan and I managed to fix my router to work without fiddling with my modem and thereby all the laptops got some wireless internet.

Aanjhan and Onkar started working on some GNUSim8085 stuff while I was trying to hunt some bugs. Barkha was busy buying train tickets for her trip tomorrow to Chennai. There was some fun with Barkha booking wrong train and getting confused with her plans. It was followed by much funnier “Install Linux without messing my Vista” adventure, with Fedora not having a back button during the installation process and hence we succeeding in making Barkha resort back to Ubuntu. As she wanted to shrink a NTFS partition, we decided to give her the helping hands of GParted, but as the partition was too big to be shrunk to half its size it took tooo long that it didn’t even finish when she left my home in the night.

In the mean time, Barkha got some milk (and some biscuits which nobody ate) and everygot got some hot cup of Bru coffee 😉 Also, thanks to Barkha for the sweets which she got from Mumbai 🙂

All together it was fun with 5 Ubunteros meeting on a Sunday and after a long time I had some visitors at my home 🙂 I won’t be meeting Aanjhan and Barkha for <unknown-value> months as they are both flying out of the country. Looking forward to one such meet sometime someday 🙂


3 thoughts on “the surprise sunday meet

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