mere updates

There are two reasons for this post, first is that people have started feeling I no more blog, and second is that I heard of certain things that I thought of blogging.

It’s not new to have heard a complain that Ubuntu, though accepting openly that they are based on Debian GNU/Linux, has never acknowledged that they are thankful to Debian for what it has taken from them. We had no answers till sometime back but not anymore. Just visit the Ubuntu Home Page and you’ll know. If you want more, we have this page for you which talks about our relation with Debian.

Today I got the news which I was awaiting for sometime, the dates for 2008 were announced. This is one of the premier FOSS conferences in India and attended by a majority of FOSS enthusiasts from India and a lot more from abroad. This conferences gives us an opportunity to meet contributors from all over the world, the lead developers of many projects which we use or even contribute to and finally sometimes our heroes and heroines in FOSS. Also, this is an opportunity to meet a lot of my Indian friends from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and other places at one place. We have to wait for some more days to know more in this front.

Ubuntu global bug jam was a great experience. Though we didn’t have too many people from Indian team participating, it was great interacting with lot of people around the world in squashing some bugs. There was indeed a global competition to get more bugs triaged and reach a better place in dholbach’s 5-a-day stats. Looking forward to more such bug jams and more experiences making me a better triager.


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