lost my buddies

No.. No.. Nothing sorta bad news. For long time, was having an idea at the back of my mind that my buddies in Pidgin weren’t properly organized. I had multiple entries for the same person, in multiple categories, sometimes even under wrong names when their screen name didn’t give a clue of their actual name. Something drove this feeling too  strong yesterday night that I decided to reorganize my buddy groups. As there were many groups and too many buddies under them, I thought of removing all the groups and starting from scratch. What I didn’t realize was my buddies were within these groups so when I delete them they do not move into some “uncategorized” group but rather get deleted along with the group as well. Only when I removed all the groups I realized that I have lost them all and I have to again add everyone from scratch as well. This is indeed a PITA as I have to first find screen names to add, that too from 3 of my accounts. This was one stupid mistake of mine, I should have myself created one “default’ group and move them all to that before deleting the empty groups.

I somehow managed to add all close buddies to Pidgin again. If you had me in your messenger and hadn’t pinged me since this weekend, please do so I can add you again 🙂


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