(Python) PyProgram #8 – Cycling Alphabets

Kushal came down with a simple looking problem with constraints that might make solving it a bit not-a-needle-into-the-banana. As usual, me and Jacob sat down trying to solve it. Rather try finding various ways of solving it. The problem is, given one character within the range a-z or A-Z (not as a list, but from string.letters) we have to find the next character in the alphabetical order. When ‘z’ or ‘Z’ is encountered, the next alphabet returned should be ‘a’ or ‘A’ respectively. The constraint is that if or while conditions and for loops should not be used. And more importantly, the main solution should be of a single line. Though Kushal had a more mathematical solution, this is what me and Jacob managed to cook up as a more logical solution (note the ‘and’ and ‘or’ 😉 ),

import string

def thenext(theletter):
    return ((string.letters.find(theletter)+1) %26) and (string.letters[string.letters.find(theletter)\
+1]) or (string.letters[string.letters.find(theletter)-25])

print "for 'a' i get: "+thenext('a')
print "for 'g' i get: "+thenext('g')
print "for 'z' i get: "+thenext('z')
print "for 'A' i get: "+thenext('A')
print "for 'H' i get: "+thenext('H')
print "for 'Z' i get: "+thenext('Z')

The solution looks like..

for 'a' i get: b
for 'g' i get: h
for 'z' i get: a
for 'A' i get: B
for 'H' i get: I
for 'Z' i get: A

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