optimise for faster navigation

According to what Nielsen says, the average size of web sites have gone up making them fatter and fatter in the last few years. On the other hand, people’s response times have come down to 2.3 seconds per page.

Still he feels that half of the world doesn’t have faster broadband access and hence web sites need to be slimmer, simpler and easier to browse through, and such websites will get more attention than fatter but slower websites. We need to achieve a response time of 1.0 seconds for an optimal user experience.

As we all know, once the inter web was filled with web sites containing big images which rather distracted us. It has moved to a web2.0 era and been replaced with widgets. This hasn’t improved things anyway, still the web sites are slower and distractive a lot. The only way to attain the ultimate interactivity is to have sites which load up faster and are more easier to navigate around. If the user has to search on how to reach the next page or the previous, especially in his first encounter, he rarely returns back to the site again.


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