visiting the client side

If I was one among the mass of outsourcing fed code monkeys, it would have been a trip outside India. As I was lucky to work for an Indian company operating rural business centers in rural parts of Karnataka I was blessed with a chance to visit the urbanized rural part of Bangalore, around 15 kilometers from our office (not sure, just a guess).

It wasn’t a planned visit, at least for me and my team. We had a deployment plan for today and a couple of guys were to visit th kiosk for deploying. As most of my colleagues were interested in joining them and as we had an extra car to ferry us, we all decided to go to the kiosk. We left office in two cars an hour before our usual lunch time (hence most of us were hungry too) and reached the kiosk in half-an-hour or so. There was a small hotel opposite the kiosk, so most of us grabbed our lunch from there. Jacob and me trying raagi muddhe (with jace telling some personal horror stories about the experience of eating it), while others resorted to chappathi.

We had quite a nice time in the kiosk, finding various issues which we had not thought about especially the usability ones. This has given us some more insights about real situations in the kiosk and how we have to improve our systems to counter it. We also had a fun time with 7 out of 9 from our team being there.

We were done with the deployment by 3 p.m. and 5 of us left a bit earlier back to office. In the way, jace told about the food street and others wanted to go there for an afternoon snack. We ended up having the Gulkand icecream and Masala pepsi. One other important thing about this trip was, jace used his GPS device to track our entire route in the map which can now be uploaded after making some minor edits. Thus, we ended up in a surprise field visit and food street visit today 🙂

* Kushal, we all missed you a lot 😦 😉

My 5 today: #127274 (hal), #199362 (synaptic), #59397 (xfce4-session, hal), 33794 (hal), #199358 (nautilus)
Do 5 a day – every day!


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