Monthly Update – January 2008

The new year has been busy, but not so really busy in terms of busy. Been quite involved at work, with a lot of things to do with my project on Login Control. Somehow managed to get things working, only a few bugs to fix and packaging to be done. On Ubuntu front, got my hands in Bug Triage for few weeks now. With Onkar’s help, managed to submit a patch for enigmail bug which seems like will not be accepted. Not having an internet connection at home is taking toll on my contribution plans, especially holding me off from trying out with packaging.

There remains a pending blog post which I promised to make, if my patch gets some attention. It’s about an introduction to fixing bugs, repackaging and submitting debdiff to close the bug. Now it looks like I have to go with the post without my patch actually getting accepted.

I will barely be at office during the February month, as I will be at fossconf Chennai in the first week, then go to Mumbai for a workshop at IIT-Bom and then again to Chennnai for my cousin’s marriage. Am talking at fossconf chennai tomorrow and again on Sunday, though I have not prepared anything for it yet. Have a dozen tasks in my personal ToDo for the trip, so I am not sure how long will I be able to hand out in fossconf. At least, can use this opportunity to meet my ILUG Chennai friends whom I have not met for months since I went to Bangalore. Probably the next few posts in my blog will be on fossconf chennai experiences.


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