the new KDE era begins

All Ks are excited and rather celebrating. Wonder why? Because their new baby is out and it’s rocking the world. Still have no clue of what am excited about too!? It’s all about the new version of KDE , the KDE 4.0 release which happened yesterday. This has been the work of lots and lots of contributors to make a yet-another-endeavor to bless this world with a rocking Desktop Environment. As KDE has always been doing, this time too it has come out with really awesome desktop. The additional good news is that the KDE 4.0 release announcement is also available in various languages like Hindi, Bengali (India), Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi and Tamil (coming out soon!).

It’s time for the party, one is indeed happening at Mumbai and one is being planned in Chennai as well. Thanks and wishes to all the Ks who have worked to bring out this wonderful version of KDE. Thanks also to those wonderful buddies of mine who translated the release announcement in various languages and to the one who pitched in this whole idea of having localized version of the release announcement 😉

KDE 4.0, its roKKKKKing! 🙂


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