bye 2007, welcome 2008

In another day 2007 ends and 2008, the new year, begins. This is the right time to look back at 2007 and make plans for 2008. I tried making a list of new year resolutions and probable to dos for the upcoming year, which also made me think of what has happened in the past 12 months. This is just a reminiscence of the past and planning for the future,

In 2007,

  • I changed my job, once. I quit being Project Engineer at NRCFOSS and after a couple of months of job hunting, landed as Software Engineer at Comat Technologies where I currently work.
  • Accompanied with the job switch was retiring from active physical participation in Chennai LUGs activities, even attending LUG meets have become memories these days.
  • Got introduced to more people in the FOSS world, which was nice.
  • Terribly failed in last years resolution of contributing to at least one FOSS project. Even my Ubuntu Karma came down to embarrassing level.
  • Got exposed to Zope/Plone, while with previous experiences of CGI and Django.
  • Started reading SICP, but did not cross the 3rd Chapter.
  • Moved to Bangalore from Chennai, and hence my routine life got altered as per the new environment and factors.

In 2008,

  • Plan to execute last year’s failed mission. Have some plans to start helping with Kubuntu packaging, but waiting for the right moment and guidance to start with it.
  • Have some plans like book a month, a module a day, a new topic a week etc. but no clue how am I going to put it into practice.
  • Some interest to do pet projects, in Django or Zope.
  • Be less verbose and more in action (which is very very hard 😉 )
  • Modify my routine to suit my above plans.
  • Revoke my earlier habit of helping students, mentor them, etc.
  • Try to write more useful, worth, meaningful, enlightening weblog posts rather than some crap (is this one such crap?).

Ah, think its enough and keeping it alive is worth an effort for the upcoming year.

Wish you all a very happy new year, with hopes that your resolutions, plans and wishes get fulfilled 🙂 Let’s welcome 2008 with a bright smile 🙂


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