Its hard to get one

When we were attending, we got a good news from our higher ranks at the place where we work (we = jace, kushal, me) that we can go forward and recruit some more programmers. We are also in need of a Release Manager (hopefully we are soon getting some one for this) and a Sys Admin exclusively for our team (we have one, but he is heavily loaded from all corners).

As we are basically a Python shop and work extensively on FOSS, we need some one with an exposure to both of them. It would be great if we get one with experience in Zope/Plone, but our minimal requirement is “should be able to work with python from day 0”.  We are still hunting for a Python Programmer, whom we need as soon as possible. We aren’t finding one easily, rather am getting invites from other Python shops to join them 😛

If you are a programmer, who knows Python, have some exposure with Web Development, and looking for an interesting and challenging job in a nerdy environment surrounded by well known faces from the Indian FOSS community, then please poke (PM) us (jace, kushal and teKnofreak). We are always available at #linux-india @, else leave us a memo 🙂


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