(Python) PyProgram #7 – Time Object Diffs

I had two time objects and needed to find the difference of time between them. Upon Googling, querying in #python and checking the documentation, found that there is not built-in function available for this. Though there were some cookbook recipes, I wanted to write my own solution to find the difference between two datetime.time objects. Though datetime.timedelta was for time difference requirements it only has a days, seconds and microseconds property while I need hour, minute and seconds. Thus, I wrote my timediff method which accepts two time objects btime and stime where btime is a bigger time than stime (b for big and s for small 😉 ), and it returns a datetime.time object for the difference time. (Why I need to have time objects? I use storm ORM 😉 )

def timediff(btime, stime):

    """Difference between two datetime.time objects

    Accepts two datetime.time objects where btime > stime

    Returns a datetime.time object of the difference in time of

    the two datetime objects.


    btdelta = timedelta(hours=btime.hour, minutes=btime.minute, seconds=btime.second)

    stdelta = timedelta(hours=stime.hour, minutes=stime.minute, seconds=stime.second)

    tdiff = btdelta - stdelta

    tdiffsec = tdiff.seconds

    if tdiffsec < 60 and tdiffsec > 0:

        return time(0, 0, int(tdiffsec))

    elif tdiffsec < 3600 and tdiffsec > 0:

        tdiffsplit = str(tdiffsec/60.0).split('.')

        tdiffmin = int(tdiffsplit[0])

        tdiffsec = float("0."+tdiffsplit[1])*60

        return time(0, int(tdiffmin), int(tdiffsec))

    elif tdiffsec > 0:

        tdiffhourmin = str(tdiffsec/3600.0).split('.')

        tdiffhour = int(tdiffhourmin[0])

        tdiffminsec = str(float("0."+tdiffhourmin[1])*60).split('.')

        tdiffmin = int(tdiffminsec[0])

        tdiffsec = float("0."+tdiffminsec[1])*60

        return time(tdiffhour, tdiffmin, int(tdiffsec))


        return time(0, 0, 0)

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