Notes from Roger’s OpenJDK talk

I happened to be the Hall Marshal during Roger’s talk on OpenJDK (or Open Sourcing Java) during and happened to make some occasional notes on what he said (though the last 20 mins, I had something else to do).

  • Nov 2006 – gpl v2 hotspot VM jav compiler –
  • Jan 2007 – kitchen sink language project
  • 8 May 2007 – the rest of java code, interim governance board (almost)
  • 25169 source files, 4% binary only, 8% not under gpl
  • font rasterizer, graphics rasterizer, crypto providers, color mgt are gpl’d
  • sound engine, snmp code, imaging api are not
  • sun in control, patches via email now —> community in control, non-sun committers
  • write a constitution, get it ratified by community, hold elections for open seats
  • initial projects – free font, free graphics, free sound rasterizers
  • Gentoo openJDK ebuild done in 3 hours
  • Fedora source rpm build in 13 hours
  • IcedTea, June 2007
  • framebuffer toolkit project, May 2007
  • Mercurial support for external committers, Oct 2007
  • Dec 2007, drafting constitution
  • April/May 2007, ratify constitution
  •,,, #openjdk
  • 2 trillion handsets with java on mobile

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