looking for an editor that works

Been using emacs for long, though occasionally used vi as well while left alone in the terminal. Then learnt the `emacs -nw` trick for terminal emacs, created an alias (`e`) and kept moving. But sometimes I felt the need of a better editor when things did not work the way I wanted it to. Though emacs can be customized as much a Hardy Davidson can be, but not for a lazy ass like me.

Was working with webpy since morning and I had been struggling at one point since 4 p.m. It had been a single statement of using the insert function which had been messing in a mysterious manner. After trying, trying and still trying, I found out it had something to do with how it is in the file. It’s just my conclusion, but am afraid its the real reason too. Then I tried gvim, enabled syntax highlighting but it still doesn’t auto indent which I very much need while writing Python code. Thus started wondering if there is any other near to ideal editor in this world. The mac comes with one, which I have seen jace working with. But I neither have a mac book nor have it on Ubuntu.

The search for a better editor that works for me continues….


4 thoughts on “looking for an editor that works

  1. You can put this in your .gvimrc:

    filetype indent on
    set shiftwidth=4

    for enabling autoindenting with 4 spaces per tab. Works great for me while editing python code.

  2. for python eric3 is cool – good project handling also and it’s auto completion will obviate spelling mistakes (which I recall was your weak point).

  3. @Anant,

    Thanks. I have edited my vimrc/gvimrc as you said. it seems to work. will try out gvim for some time. learning to remember some shortcuts now 😉


    He he, i accept I was but I seem to have improved now. I am looking for an editor like vim/emacs kinda. IIRC, eric is an IDE 😉

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