its time!

One more week to go, will begin one of India’s famous FOSS conferences 2007. I have been attending it for the past 2 years, first time as a mere delegate and last time as a part of sponsor’s team from NRCFOSS. This time, am taking up a new avatar, experiencing it more closer by being a volunteer myself. This gives me a chance to be a part of such a big conference, though volunteering is not new to me. This experience might prove useful in future endeavors when I take up more responsible roles.

What brings the people, especially a major part of the community, is an opportunity to meet one another, to match names with nicks (especially true for the #linux-india guys) and meet some international contributors of FOSS projects. Last time I had the opportunity of interacting with Aaron Seigo, and eventually I became Pradeepto‘s K-convert 😉 (a new term for people converted to KDE, especially from GNOME) It was also an occasion for me to meet people I knew through IRC like t3rminator, tazz, barkha, devmodem|anurag, ubunturos, derek_, n3003n and many more.

This is special because for another main reason, Ubuntu India LoCo team is participating under the Ubuntu-In banner. Though the team had been in existence for quite sometime, this is the first major event its going to show itself up (after Carte Blanche of course, where we had a stall). We have joined with the Debian-In team and participating in the Project Days. Thus we will be enlightening the junta about “how to contribute to the Ubuntu project?” and “how to become one among the proud (contributing) ubunteros?”. We also managed to put ourselves with the Debian-In team in the FOSS Expo as well. One thing to remind is that this endeavor is purely by the Ubuntu-In LoCo team and has no commercial interests. We need to say this because often people relate us to the commercial side of Ubuntu Project, the Canonical Ltd.

We are getting some stickers and bookmarkers printed. We are also expecting some Ubuntu CDs to arrive (some customs and courier issues are holding it back). We might get some t-shirts printed as well, as a token of appreciation for those speakers who spoke for us (mean the Debian/Ubuntu Project Day). We are also getting some handouts printed, about the LoCo team. Similar things are happening in KDE-In team as well, so do in Fedora and Gentoo teams. I hope to get some laptop stickers to fill the empty space in my laptop 😉

I am also hosting some of my buddies, as I have some extra beds in my house and I am allowed to have another 3 people with me. Though there is enough space to accommodate more, some issues in the water line is prohibiting me to host more people. As Kushal is coming back by Dec 1st after more-than-a-month of rest following his arm operation, we have another place to accommodate some of our buddies. The only thing which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable is this is happening during the weekdays and I have to take 5 days off. May be I can compensate by working weekends following the event (as I have no plans to go $HOME before New Year).

All said, its time to clean my house and make it ready for a few visitors. Hope to have an amazing time this year at 2007 🙂 As a part of volunteers I wish my best that the event rolls out to be a success 🙂


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