the “dog” joke

<He`> not as risky as naming your dog “sex” though

<He`> no as it after the dog runs away at night … and you go looking for him

<He`> and have you explain to the night beat cops… that you are out looking for sex

<He`> it’s rather long one
<He`> he gets married.. and his wife forces him to give up the dog

<He`> they decide to get divorced later.. and he tells the judge.. I had sex before marriage.. and my wife made me give it up after marriage
<He`> and the judge says … welcome to the club

<He`> he goes looking for an apartment .. and tells the landlord .. he needs a room for sex

<He`> and the landlord tells him he doesn’t care if he does it any room

ROFLMAO!! And, here is the original story.


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