at Bar Camp Bangalore 5

Here am, successfully connected to the wifi (*sigh* there is a proxy) and unsuccessful in connected to irc (oh, am dead today) from the campus of IIM Bangalore. The event has just begun and instructions are being informed to the delegates.

I came here with Raj Shekar (lunatech) and thus arrived just in time. Raj is giving a talk on “Why MySQL Rocks for the Web” by 11 a.m. in the hall next to me. Iwill have to figure out what I do after that. Anyway will be hanging around here till the evening and will try to update as and when it is possible for me.

11.25 hrs, L12, IIMB:

Raj faced a minor confusion regarding the schedule. Raj had added his talk on the board, but when we entered the hall bloggers collective was trying to start. Thus we had to resolve it such that Raj’s talk will first happen, followed by the bloggers collective. Its going to be 10 mins since he started and talking about different ways you may employ MySQL for the web. Am also running out of battery, as I could not find a working power slot. Will power up my laptop in the next room we go 😉

12.00 hrs. :

Raj talk was successful and a lot of people came out with interesting queries. There were even few others who jumped on to the stage to add more points to the topic. Then we moved out, had chaai and were talking on random stuffs (about work, FLOSS, community, fossconf chennai and Then we decided to attend some thing and made a move to socio tech collective. The discussion was about how and how now technology enhances our lives, especially in rural India.

13.30 hrs. :

Just had a nice lunch with a lot of jalebis. We finished our lunch within 15 mins and have come back to the central area. Lots of crowd is there, especially a hell of first timers. We couldn’t find many from the last bar camp. We found Shreyas and Tejas here, and got some nice stickers and Kart’s “indian contributor” poster.

15.00 hrs :

We thought of attending Photo collective, but none seem to be there for it. So we went in search of Collaboration collective and ended up with a few Spike Source guys who were trying to display their product. Then we say dumbhead and others arriving, also Vinayak Das started the Photo Collective. We stayed at IIMB till 17.00 hrs and then left home. When we were on our way out, we met Hobbes who was coming in. Hope to meet known faces, especially tuxmaniac tomorrow.


Here am, the second day morning and tuxmaniac sitting next to me. Both of us are logged in, me completing this blog and he checking mails. Now we both plan to take our cameras out and go out hunting 😉

11.30 hrs :

Me, Aanjhan and one more guy have assembled for the Ubuntu collective in D5, which is nothing but a couple of bed with pillows under a nice tree shade. 30 more minutes and we expect at least a few others to join. We plan to talk about Project Day, Ubuntu-In team, hear other’s experiences with Ubuntu and help people if they need any.

13.00 hrs :

Ubuntu Collective can be termed as an unexpected success. When I was manning the registration desk, helping jace with new registrations I just queried tuxmaniac whether we can have a collective too. He gave “foss collective”, “free software collective” and I gave “Ubuntu collective” as suggestions. I wrote “ubuntu collective” on a couple of collective stickers and we stuck them to our T-shirts. With a few enquiries coming about where the ubuntu collective is, we decided to have it for sure. But we did not expect it to be attended by many. There was one lady from Australia and many from different perspectives. Our general topic of discussion was how the felt about Ubuntu and what are things they feel should be improved. We have collected a bunch of things and many of them will be conveyed to Ubuntu devels as feedback from the users.

15.00 hrs :

We were sleepy and found a nice shady place with lot of pillows to support us for a half-nappy discussion at the end of which we felt we needed to do something for and this led us to proceed to Coffee Day to discuss this further. We decided to print stickers for Ubuntu Project Day, something similar to what we have in bcb5. We have enquired about printing stickers and we may go with it this week, getting the stickers printer before this month end.

16.00 hrs :

Me and tuxmaniac are sitting in L21 where Photo collective is happening, with us busily updating things utilizing the wifi and occasionally looking at things being discussed here to improve our photographic skills.  tuxmaniac is yet to get his tees, while am wearing my bcb5 tee 😉

** will be updated time to time, so keep checking 😉


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