got the Gutsy

I had asked Ubuntu/Canonical to ship a couple of Gutsy CDs to me on 22nd October 2007 and the request was approved the next day. I almost forgot about it and when HereBeDragon reminded me about it a couple of days ago, I found it was 3 weeks since I put up a request. So I was expecting it to come in another week or so, but to my surprise it arrived at my table just a few minutes ago.

It always happen that the CDs arrive when I remember about them (after requesting for it, of course). The first time I requested Breezy, it took nearly a couple of months for it to arrive and then we could ask for more CDs. Now we can request a maximum of two and I usually get it before a month. It also comes with a few Ubuntu stickers, which am ready to give to others as I already have enough stock with me 🙂

Its a nice feeling when you have the Gutsy CDs sent from Netherlands in your hands 🙂 Will now check whether I can get Kubuntu CDs 😉


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