New Books

After a long time, a friend of mine gave me the opportunity to visit Landmark at Spencers today as well as provoked me enough to buy some books. This time I picked more of the pocket reference books than normal ones. The 5 books which I bought this time are,

  1. MySQL in a Nutshell, O’Reilly
  2. C++ Pocket Reference, O’Reilly
  3. Regular Expression Pocket Reference, O’Reilly
  4. Javascript Pocket Reference, O’Reilly
  5. HTML & XHTML Pocket Reference

To my surprise, the book #4 was given for a special price of 25 Rs while the original price was 65 Rs.  This made my friend go back again and look for the book, but unfortunately they had run out of stock  😦

I have been, for the past 3 months, taking books from my Chennai home to my Bangalore home in small number of books at a time that now my collection at Bangalore is sufficient for my normal requirements. I intend to take no more books from next time, rather start reading through the books I have moved there.


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