Not an easy ride

I still have the memories of doing beta testing for Edgy and fighting daily with broken packages. It was an awesome experience, which helped me learn a lot of packages, upgradation, pre and post installation processes and how to face problems out of a broken package. Feisty has started become something of the past, similar to Dapper and Edgy. Now what every one speaks about, writes about, discusses about is Gutsy Gibbon.

This time I missed all the fun of upgrading during the beta days and doing testing, reporting bugs, helping out others fix issues and many more things. The reason is I do not have the luxury of Internet connection at home in Bangalore, as well as we have bandwidth issues in office such that I don’t want to trouble my admins by adding extra load.

Thus I made my trip to Chennai for Dusshera holidays mainly to upgrade my Helios from Feisty to Gutsy. I landed here on the day when the world was busy upgrading to Gutsy. Hence the load was more on the apt mirrors that when I started the download last evening, it took almost 18 hours to finish the whooping 1.65 GB download. I had to wait for additional couple of hours for it to finish the install. But nothing goes without troubles, this time exim4 package’s configuration process was giving me errors and it was messing up the whole upgrade.

I had to resolve to running `dpkg-reconfigure -a` which started configure every piece in my Ubuntu installation. It took 50 minutes to finish up the reconfiguration and finally I cleaned up unwanted stuffs with `apt-get autoremove`. Then I went for a reboot to boot with the new 2.6.22 kernel and my new Gutsy desktop.

I boot in, welcomed by my usual login screen. Nothing new or unusual. I login to KDE to find most things same other than a few icons and menus. I was told it will remove beryl but I still find it there. Then I went to check the GNOME desktop as I had no clue of where the compiz was in KDE. As I knew where to enable the compiz effects in GNOME (Preferences –> Appearance ), I turned them on to find the new desktops effects appear. GNOME is fine but what I need is KDE, so I relogged into KDE to see how it works there.

There is no menu option in KDE, and hence one good way is to add “/usr/bin/compiz” to .kde/AutoStart/ as a symbolic link. This makes compiz to be started when we log into KDE. But I still face the issue I had in Beryl with the multiple workspaces showing a distorted look when changed to and back between compiz and None. Also, if I select 4 multiple desktops in `Desktop preferences`, it produces 8 workspaces but only two of them works with compiz. *sigh* Tried to make things work, but having lost interest any further turned off the compiz thing and removed it from AutoStart.

The other cool things with Gutsy are newer version of OpenOffice (which I don’t care about), Gimp and the Gaim instant messenger now known as Pidgin. One more thing to feel good is the pop ups we get when Thunderbird gets a new mail. This is really useful when you are working in some other workspace and don’t have a audible ping turned on. Yet to try with the new Strigi desktop search (is it new? may be for me). The kernel is now which is another good thing.

Am yet to check other things like bluetooth which people have reported to have improved a lot,as well as things on the KDE side. Will report them once I find them, as well as more bugs here and there as I encounter. For those who are still waiting to upgrade to Gutsy, just do it buddy without any second thoughts. Good luck and Congratz to the Ubuntu developers team and MOTUs for another awesome work 🙂


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