(Ubuntu) Gutsy is Ready!

Time to run the update manager as the Release Candidate for Ubuntu 7.10, codenamed Gutsy Gibbon, is out. We have waited for 6 long months for this and I hear Ubunteros say that it is indeed stable for any one to give a try. With just a week more for the final stable release, it is not a bad time to upgrade your Feisty machines. My Helios is waiting for me to go home (Chennai) and upgrade it to Gutsy. Heard some nice stuff are available for GNOME and my favorite KDE desktops, such as Dolphin file manager, newer version of Amarok, Compiz Fusion for desktop eye candies (hope it works well with KDE also, I have problems with Beryl-KDE), Gnash for Flash and interestingly Firefox plugin installer.

Want to know how to upgrade? Refer here. Want to know more about what got changed ? Refer release notes. Want to know the new things in Kubuntu 7.10, check here. And be ready for the Gutsy party.

In addition to this, Ubuntu is having its Open Week this month from 22nd to 27th, at #ubuntu-classroom @ irc.freenode.net. There are interesting things like ‘Ask Mark’ and Holbach’s Packaging tutor session. Check Jono’s post for more info on this 🙂


3 thoughts on “(Ubuntu) Gutsy is Ready!

  1. So far I like, I’m in the process of upgrading one of my machines this morning, so nice, an online upgrade while you work and wait. Its on the slowest machine in the house right now. I like some of the transparency that I’ve seen on the other boxes I have it running on.

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