Missed Freed

Actually I was planning to be a volunteer for freed.in, but at the end couldn’t even be a delegate. When all my buddies had a great time together at this great event, I was sitting at my home doing household. Thanks to my current financial status, I couldn’t spend on the travel. Hope to meet all those people (at least most of them) during foss.in this December. Still freed is freed, it is  unique. Wish I would be able to volunteer for freed.in 2008 at least.

Talked with Matthew Barker of Ubuntu yesterday and our hopes of having Jono Bacon has increased, as he will also be trying from his end. And there might be a surprise for all Ubunteros too, with our leader making his presence for the event. Though not very much sure of this, we will try our best luck. Also, Ubuntu is interested to be one amongst the sponsors for foss.in 2007 and if it happens, might get a booth for us to display Ubuntu 7.10. Also, we might get some Ubuntu goodies for the team.

We have started preparations for the Debian/Ubuntu Project Day as only 2 more months are left. We need to decide on a schedule between the two teams (Debian-In and Ubuntu-In) and having commoners like Kartik is of great help in this. We need to conclude on a list of speakers and then they need to apply through CFP. Lot of things to get done and we need the other members to pitch in their efforts too (Wake up from your hibernation dudes, its high time!) 🙂 Go, Ubuntu Go!


One thought on “Missed Freed

  1. Can you please update everybody on whats happening (either the list or a selected few who are involved in the Project day)? Its very ugly to have more than 3 people trying to contact the same person. I was fearing a zero participation from Ubuntu and from your blog seems like lots of things are happening. Good keep it up.

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