named my lappy

Since I saw a couple of posts in Planet Ubuntu about naming their computers, I wanted to name by lil laptop too. But this had been under procrastination because I could not find a satisfactory name as well as I remembered about it only when my laptop was not ON. Today I decided to change the name and went in search for the name. There were a lot of options, some funky names, mythical characters either from Indian mythology or from Roman/Greek and others. I decided to check Roman god names for a something interesting and finally settled with helios, the god of sun.

Now my laptop is named Helios, the god of sun who is the son of Hyperion and Theia. They say Helios sees and knows all. Upon dawn he rises in the East, driving his four horsed chariot, moving across the sky and descends at West in the night. Thus my laptop will be alive from dawn to dusk, seeing and knowing everything I subject it to 🙂


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