Back online from BCB4

Its going to be 10 days since I turned up online. Just finished checking loads of mails and fetching the planet feeds for the past 10 days. For those who were wondering where I have vanished to, I just moved my arse to Bengaluru, as in moved to a job here. Last 8 days were spent on finding a decent house for a decent rent (don’t ask me to define “decent” now :P).

At last I have got a nice double bed room flat at Indra Nagar and will be moving there on August 5th. Till then have to keep shutting between friends’ and relatives’ houses. Will be joining Comat on August 1st. Indra Nagar more or less looks like Adyar in Chennai, with lots of shops all over the CMH road. I even have an Adyar Ananda Bavan near my home, so I can have some TN food when I feel so.

Am blogging from BangPyper’s Python Collective at BarCampBangalore 4 at IIM Bangalore. Day 1 has so far gone smoothly and our Python collective has just started. Thanks to BCB4 that I could turn up online and write this post. Its been raining quite frequently since I landed here and it indeed rained a bit hard some 30 minutes ago. The stairs got wet and I even had a little slip, not much hurt though. The interesting things today are a Biking collective, which is about going to office in bikes or bicycles, and photography collective. Still to figure out where am going to stay tonight.

Will write more once I get an Internet connection at home or from friends’ place once am there.


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