Gobuntu, go freedom!

A surprise post by Mark Shuttleworth appeared in Ubuntu Planet today, beginning of a new flavor of Ubuntu called as Gobuntu. I am not sure about the reason behind this name, but the idea behind this new flavor is have an “official” freedom focused flavor of Ubuntu.

I was very much like what you are thinking now, “What about gNewSense then?”. As what I infer from Mark’s post, this will serve as a upstream reference for all such distributions like gNewSense. Or in a more technical term, Gobuntu will serve as a base for freedom oriented distributions based on Ubuntu.

Gobuntu is available under Gusty daily build here.

Indeed, there were people inside the Ubuntu community to bounce back with questions. One important question, which I too would like Mark to answer is, whether a freedom-focused Gobuntu is going to use Canonical’s closed source applications like Launchpad and Merge-o-Matic. I join Jordan Mantha in asking the question to Mark. Shouldn’t it something bad to use a non free tool to develop a freedom oriented distribution? Though I have been somewhat agreeing to use of those for Ubuntu, where the ultimate aim is to provide a Linux distribution which “just works” for the user, I have this question when the total aim behind Gobuntu is removing all those controversial non-free drivers, firmware and apps out from the Ubuntu and offering a complete freedom GNU/Linux distribution.

Let us once again wait to hear from Mark.


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