Got my own –

I always envied my buddies who had their own websites in their own names (or nicks). Though having own web sites are no more big things in the world which is more and more becoming web oriented, there were few things which held me back in getting one for myself.

First, it was still a luxury to me; spending for the space, registering the domain name once in a mail, etc.

Second, I did not find a real need to have one. I had a blog in and that was enough for me to have my presence online. What ever I wished to let others know were done with the weblogs I had. I did not have much to host online, such as codes or documents. For photos, flickr was enough for me and that too with a pro account, it was all I could wish to have.

Off late, I have been again lured to the idea of having my own web site, mainly due to a lot of people I know coming up with their websites. Whenever I went for a seminar or workshop, all I had was my blog and email to show as my presence in the internet / web world.

A couple of days ago, tazz was setting up his web site and he was making #ubuntu-in lively with all discussions going about domain name selecting, hosting provider, etc. etc. I too wished I could get one up, but enquiring tuxmaniac let me know that it will cost me around 3000 INR over all for a decent web space. For my current situation, it was too much to spend on a web site.

The next day tazz introduced me to (NIPL), and in the next few hours with the help of tazz, grub and prudhvi (you can find us all at #nipl @ I got up and alive. As not to deviate too much from the focus of NIPL, I plan to host only contents and information pertaining to FOSS and GNU/Linux in my web site. This is much like a container for hosting documents, codes, presentations, files and other information I would like to share. This will also help me, from next time I go to seminars and workshops, to share my presentations with the audience. I also plan to host the examples and tutorial codes for python ( DIP examples are already there), pyqt4 and a few others.

As of now, is a very simple, bare bone HTML site with some CSS trying to improve the look. Am working on improving the CSS and make it look more better. Hope to make it happen in another few days to come. I am also open up to host stuff from others, mainly presentations, codes and documents, provided they fit into the scope of FOSS , GNU/Linux or Programming (mainly Python, Qt, GTK, Perl, Ruby and Scheme).


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