Will the leader answer ?

The latest hot talk in the FOSS world has been about the latest deal between M$ and Linspire. Many had expected it, especially after the bashing of GPLv3 by the Linspire lead. This follows similar deals with Novel and M$ which had provoked large scale debate over the actual intentions of M$ with respect to its publicly proclaimed enemy, GNU/Linux.

Though the new deal has similarly kicked on another round of debate, I was a bit excited to find a number of posts in the Ubuntu planet, from some of the top bloggers there. It was started by Aaron Toponce, followed by Richard Johnson, Jonathan Carter and Christopher Denter. The one common thing with all these 3 active Ubuntu guys is that they all wanted to know what Mark Shuttleworth thinks. Its because Ubuntu project is being financially supported by Canonical Ltd. and the same nightmare can be created by them too.

But we Ubunteros have our hopes, mainly at the bug #1 filed by Mark. We all believe that Canonical and Ubuntu are committed to solve that bug and we will not fall prey to lure of $$ by M$. Also, we have Mark’s comments in the past in which he had been certain that there won’t be an Ubuntu-M$ deal. But nothing is impossible in this world.

Hence, the Ubuntu community is looking ahead to hear from its leader, a reassurance that we will also be not embarrassed with a similar deal. And, many of the Ubunteros who had commented to one of the posts in the Planet had mentioned that if some thing like that ever happens, they will not have a second thought in walking away from Ubuntu. With respect to the passion we have within the Ubuntu community and think of the past years since we joined our hands, we hope that day won’t come.

/me joins the Ubuntu community and waits to hear from our leader. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Will the leader answer ?

  1. I have been watching my feed reader closely, and I hope that he answers soon. I may issue a call to attention and see if that generates any response. But, I’ll wait for a week or so. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

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