Flied to the west

It was a fun filled weekend at Pune, the Ubuntu Indian team meeting informally for getting together. 8 of us met – Aanjhan, Anurag, Barkha, Baishampayan Ghose, Gaurav aka tazz, Onkar Shinde, Sneha and me. We had nothing but fun, did not freak out much other than an afternoon at a mall.

I left to Pune by Indian Airlines on Friday evening and laned at Mumbai around 19.30 hours. Anurag, baks and tazz were there to welcome me and 4 of us rushed to Dadar to fetch a bus to Pune. After standing for 2.5 hours at the ticket counter, we managed to get into an A/C Volvo bus and started our journey towards Pune. We reached there around 2.30 a.m., having got down at a wrong place and waited till Onkar came up and guided us home. Tuxmaniac aka aanjhan arrived around 7.30 a.m. in the morning.

We started the day with a quick breakfast of dosas and watching few series of ‘The IT Crowd’. We then proceeded to a mall called E-Square. We got tickets for ‘Bheja Fry’ and had a nice dinner. It was an awesome movie which made us all laugh during the entire 1.5 hour duration (though tazz had a nice sleep and was waken up when the entire theater was in laughter). We returned back to be joined at home by G0SUB and June.

We went for dinner at “Horn OK Please”, after trying to fix with a restaurant for an hour. We returned back around 00.30 a.m. and crashed. We left for Mumbai the next day morning and me got a chance to spend a day at my brother’s place before returning back today morning by IC-0972. The route back to Mumbai was fantastic, as we missed it all during our way to Pune as it was pitch dark night.

Traveling by air has really made it possible for me to have a weekend in Western India, 100s of kilometers from my home, but still return back without feeling much tired of travel. I still wonder how I would have felt if the journey was by train instead. Next time, gotta make sure I stay at BOM at least for a couple of days, pre-inform my brother well before and see Mumbai more than a brief bike ride on my way to airport. Also, plan to trip to Lonavala 😉


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