Words of the day – 16

As an advent of getting this month’s RD, here are some more words into my list.

chafe : verb : to become annoyed or irritated.

reticent : adjective : uncommunicative; reserved.

modicum : noun : moderate, token amount.

minion : noun : follower; subordinate.

foment : verb : to instigate; to promote the growth of.

middling : adjective : ordinary; mediocre.

ascertain : verb : to find out definitely.

proponent : noun : advocate; adherent.

contemplate : verb : to observe thoughtfully.

austere : adjective : stern or severe in appearance.

fractious : adjective : unruly; quarrelsome.

raucous : adjective : harsh; rough-sounding.

piedmont : noun : area along or near the base of a mountain region.

mercenary : adjective : motivated solely by monetary or material gain.


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