At last, I will be in Pune

Till yesterday evening, was feeling bad that I won’t be joining my buddies at the Ubuntu India Team meet at Pune the coming weekend. There were no tickets available in any of the 3 trains to Pune, with waiting list numbers around 240-280. Earlier searches for flight to Pune was found to be too costly for me to spend from my pocket (which is already empty). There is also no Volvo bus plying between Chennai and Pune. There were possibility for reaching Pune from Bangalore, but that would increase my expenses. So, I almost dropped the idea of going to Pune and was thinking of attending the Chennai LUG meet next week.

Thanks to tuxmaniac for giving me the last hopes of being at the meet. He found me Indian Airlines flights to Mumbai and said either baks or devmodem will pick me up from airport and proceed to Pune in volvo bus. The whole air travel cost me around 3000 INR (thanks to the additional discount if booked with ICICI credit card). This sound to be a good deal and a chance to travel by flight almost after 10 years. I booked tickets for Chennai–>Mumbai in 8th June evening IA flight, while am returning by the early morning IA flight on 11th from Mumbai. Nothing goes without a bit of confusion. I got a call from informing me that the return ticket I tried to book was for last ticket in economy class in that flight and it unfortunately got booked before I could. So, I had two options of taking another flight or pay a 1000 bucks more and get a ticket in the executive class. He also said that there are no tickets in the morning flights, but only in an afternoon GoAir flight. As I need to be at Chennai for sure on 11th morning, I decided to pay a 1k more and come by the same morning flight in executive class. 😀

Its going to be more than 10 years since I made an air travel. So, tuxmaniac briefed me about what I should do on entering the Chennai airport, till I come out at the Mumbai airport 😀 . I am not planning to take any luggage as my back pack can hold the necessary clothes for the 2 days, along with my laptop.

Looking forward to the journey and especially to meet all the buddies of Ubuntu India team. Another opportunity to match nicks/names with faces. This is a very informal meet of the team, just to get more closer with one another so we can work together in a more effective way. We have ideas of making half-a-day outing on 10th. I have to somehow return to Mumbai by night of 10th June, so I won’t miss my morning flight on 11th.


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