a new idea

for some time i have been wondering about the ‘page’ option in wordpress, in addition to adding posts. the default one is the about me page, but i recently removed it from my blog. instead i hit with a new idea, during a conversation with tuxmaniac. we often search for some software and sometimes hit upon a software we were really looking for. it also happens a lot of softwares pop up during the discussions in irc. as personal preferences differ widely, we all use a lot of softwares; not all use the same set of softwares. but still, we miss a huge amount of softwares, they go unknown. i thought of using this page option, by starting a new page in my blog named “FOSS apps” and tell a few words about the softwares i either use or come in knowledge of.

this whole idea started with a recent post in planet ubuntu by Og, about a fast and light IDE called as Geany. i tried it out and really liked it. this made me feel that there are indeed a lot of softwares which are not brought into light. this is one such little endeavor to identify such softwares/apps. and there is nothing prohibiting me from adding my favorites like emacs, IDLE and digiKam into the list 😉


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