My Guru got Married (Updated)

Last week I got a surprise mail from Suraj Kumar, the one person who should take a great part of the credit for getting me into GNU/Linux and FOSS and hence tagged my “Guru”, that he is getting married. First I thought it was a prank mail, as April had not still ended. But, reading the mail fully made me realize that I was wrong and indeed he was getting married.

Now, am ready to leave tonight and attend the marriage reception tomorrow at Bangalore. Sridhar Ratna is also coming with me to attend the reception and thus I have a company for the trip. Planning to stay in R T Nagar itself as the choultry is close to my grandpa’s house. As it happens to be a working day, I can not expect my buddies to spend time with me.

This is going to be a memorable trip and a more memorable meeting with my Guru. Will try to take some snaps and add it to this post with updates from the trip. 🙂


It was one of the most memorable days in my life. We landed at Bengalooru in the early hours of Friday, at the cantonment station. As the autowalas asked almost 3 times the ideal fare, me and Srid decided to go by bus. We luckily got an auto from the bus stand who turned on the meter. we reached the choultry by 6 a.m. and Suraj was at the door welcoming us with a hug. We joined Suraj in the queue for the bathroom and all us were ready by 7.

We had the morning breakfast and left for the temple, where the marriage was supposed to happen, in batches using the couple of cars available. The actual marriage happened at the Kalyana Venkatesa Perumal Koil. Suraj and Deepti were wearing a tam-brahm attire (Panjakachham and madisar, respectively). The thirumangalya dharanam or the trying the knot of the holy thread as a symbol of marriage happened in the shrine. Then we returned to the choutlry for the rest of the customs surrounding a marriage.

Though Deepti was a North Indian, Suraj’s mother wanted her son’s marriage to happen in a perfect iyengarish manner. The ceremony took another couple of hours to complete. There were a lot of friends of Suraj, including me and Srid, that it was so fun being around. There were at least half a dozen cameras flashing and taking snaps of the couple.

We stayed in Suraj’s house for the afternoon and made him ready for the evening reception. This was the first time Suraj was wearing a formal dress and it began with a Suit. We were there with Suraj for almost 16 hours and came back home with memoirs of the day still in our eyes.

I have uploaded all the pictures to my flickr album, but still will put one snap which I will cherish for the rest of my life 🙂

Cherished moments


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