The 5 types of FOSSites

So..which one are you? This is an endeavor to find what is in the minds of the FOSSians about themselves. Just to find how many are fanatical, how many are pragmatic and how many are opportunist with respect to FOSS. Add your opinion as a comment to the blog post and let the community know the minds of every FOSSian.

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3 thoughts on “The 5 types of FOSSites

  1. I propose another measure based on these parameters: The 3DPO Number (3DPO = Diehard, Dedicated, Didactic, Pragmatist, Opportunists).
    The 3DPO number is a 5 bit number where:
    Bit 1 = Is the person an Opportunist
    Bit 2 = Is the person a Didact
    Bit 3 = Is the person Diehard
    Bit 4 = Is the person a Pragmatist
    Bit 5 = Is the person a Dedicated FOSSian

    Thus, a Pragmatist and Dedicated person has a 3DPO Number of: 11000 = 24
    An Opportunist Didact has a 3DPO Number of: 00011 = 3

    The higher your 3DPO Number, the better of a resource you are for the FOSS World.

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