Words of the day – 15 (Aussie Slangs)

For a difference, I would like to post some commonly used slangs from the land of Kangaroos. The original source of the slangs is australian explorer.

Ace! : excellent

Arvo : afternoon

Big Mobs : loads, a lot of

Blue : argument/mistake

Bodgy : poor quality

Bull dust : rubbish

Cark it : to die, stop working

Chocka : full up

Click : kilometer

Come a gutser : a bad mistake or have an accident

Cost big bikkies : expensive, cost a hell

Dinkum : fair, genuine, true

Docket : receipt, bill

Doco : Documentary

Drink with the flies : drink alone

Dunny rat : cunning

Exy : expensive

Fair go : a chance / break

Furphy : rumour

Give it a burl : try it, have a go

Give it away : give up

Good oil : good idea, useful information

Good onya : well done

It’s gone walkabout : it’s lost, can’t be found

Kick the bucket : to die

Mate’s rate : cheaper rate for a friend, discount

Nun’s nasty : very dry

Piece of piss : easy task

Pig’s arse : I don’t agree

Rack off : get lost, get out of here

Reckon! : for sure

Rooted : broken, ruined

She’ll be apples : it will be alright

Strewth : exclamation

Stoked : very pleased

Zack : not worth of anything


2 thoughts on “Words of the day – 15 (Aussie Slangs)

  1. Klick isn’t aussie slang, it was from the vietnam war …

    Is one minute (as in degrees, minutes) of the artillery weapon’s elevation – i.e approximately a kilometre added to the range.

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