From Edgy into Feisty

Since I bought my laptop been running Ubuntu in it. Started with Dapper Beta, upgraded it to stable, then moved to Edgy Beta and then to stable and now, I have moved to the latest Ubuntu Feisty (not sure whether it is Beta or RC). Dapper is still the best distribution out there, though succeeded by Edgy and now Feisty. Edgy was initially highly unstable and got better with time. I had a horrific experience moving from stable Dapper to Edgy beta, breaking a lot of things and having tough time mending things all the way.

When tuxmaniac announced that he had upgraded to Feisty, the first thing I asked was how stable it is? He assured me that he had a smooth installation and really did not have to mend anything. So, I decided to upgrade mine too. The only problem I had was, mine was a Ubuntu installation over which kubuntu-desktop was added later and now I completely use KDE. So, I was wondering from where to start the upgrade, KDE or GNOME. G0SUB clarified the doubt and I started my upgradation.

The upgradation started with the command “update-manager -d”, downloading 1729 files in almost 13 hours. When the download ended, it spewed some error on the screen and the installation stopped. I had to start the installation again with  “apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade”. It again fetched some 41MB of files and finished installing them. I went for a reboot, praying that everything should work fine.

Nice to see the kernel 2.6.20 but not pretty impressed with the new usplash theme. Thankfully, it showed the login screen. Logged into KDE (default) and was surprised to see a new icon for power manager and network manager. Indeed, network manager has changed way much and has become more easier to use. Also, xchat now gets placed in the system tray.

Ok, time to check GNOME. When I logged in as a temporary session, there lay the mine. The welcome screen hung in the middle and I could see the panel blinking many times. Then it said some error message stating that it tried to restart the panel many times but in vain. OMG!, things have screwed up again. I went back to KDE for a bit more shock, the terminal was not showing me the bash prompt that I had to use Alt+F1/F2 to get the prompt. I tried installing gnome, gnome-desktop, gdm, metacity and gnome-panel. The gnome-panel installation was the reason for the trouble which got solved in the last re-installation. Luckily the terminal also came back to normalcy without doing anything. Though I new its going to mess up, I tried Beryl and it did mess. I got no window border, windows hung where they were and I couldn’t enter text into them (Xchat and Firefox address bar).

I was determined not to upgrade until the final stable version is out, but giving away to it had thought me some lesson. But, having suffered the worst during Edgy has given me enough courage to fight and solve things. The truth is, I took a back up of important stuff in my /home and was readt to make a new installation of Sabayon. I wanted to give a last try as the installation of new distro and setting up things again would be a PITA. That was a good decision at the end, or else I would have been spending the next couple of days installing, configuring and tweaking stuffs back to where I was (luckily, where I am also 😉 ).

Off late I have been seeing too many people migrating out of Ubuntu, inspite Ubuntu still being one of the best distros out there. Am surprised at this as well as pained that I can not just stop them because their experience left some bitter in their mouths. Hope the final and stable release of Feisty Fawn breaks the Ice and does much more in Desktop GNU/Linux than what Dapper did around a year ago 🙂


4 thoughts on “From Edgy into Feisty

  1. 1. Reason for people to move out of Ubuntu??
    2. Just because of an upgrade fault you decided to move to Sabayon GNU/Linux?
    3. Is ubuntu losing grounds really??

  2. @Aanjhan,

    [1] Many things.. installation issues, multimedia did not work…

    [2] Naah! I was looking for a change, at least erase the existing installation and start things fresh. Have been installing a hell lot of things that now I do not know what is there and what I want :-s

    [3] Yes, a lot of people who were using Ubuntu have moved to or at least started trying other distributions (esp FC6, Mandivia 2007 and Gentoo). (Not just observations in #l-i, but also among students whom I have contacts with)

  3. I have been hearing the opposite. Most of my linux using friends have moved to ubuntu by now. A few are still in the rpm camp, primarily running Centos but most that can choose (not locked into a distro by policy or software requirements) have moved to Ubuntu. I can’t think of anyone who is still willing to put in the time necessary to keep a Gentoo box up (and PATCHED!!!)

    I am currently migrating my last Dapper box to edgy and then to feisty. All my other Edgy boxes have already moved. I had been hesitant on my Dapper box because I needed to go all the way to Feisty to get AFS & Kerberos working again…huge in a University environment…at least it is on the farm…

    Been an Ubuntu convert since Breezy Badger and all I can say is




  4. Yes, am proud about being an Ubuntero and very excited about Feisty release as every other proud ubuntero is. My statement about Ubuntu seemed to slightly slip off from the grip it had with Dapper is an advent of observations made in the local LUG and Indian FOSS community in general. Though there are lots of people who ask for Ubuntu CDs and want to try it out with every new release, they do not make it to ultimate ubunteros. May be it was the transition from Dapper –> Edgy –> Feisty, which was not very smooth. I hope Feisty can claim more grounds than what even Dapper did and take the Ubuntu community to new heights 🙂

    Long live Humanity! Long live the Tux! Long live the Ubunteros!

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