Words of the Day – 13

Time for updates from this month’s RD, some ‘ad’ words.

adage : verb : proverb; a traditional saying.

advent : noun : arrival of; beginning of; coming of;

adept : adjective : skilled.

adamant : adjective : unyielding or inflexible.

adverse : adjective : highly opposed to; not in favor of.

adherent : noun : supporter; compliant.

admonition : noun : advice in warning tone.

adduce : verb : to cite an example in favor of an argument.

adulterate : verb : made impure by adding additives.

advertent : adjective : attentive; watchful.

ad hoc : adjective : targeted on a specific purpose or result.

adjunct : adjective : temporarily associated with.

addle : verb : to confuse or muddle.

adumbrate : verb : give a brief outline or sketch.


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