Bye Bye Beryl!

Beryl came into my laptop around 6 months ago, when I moved to Edgy Beta from Dapper. It was a matter of pride for our Edgy users then, though now-a-days it has become common within the desktop circle. Wherever I went, to whomever I showed my laptop, I showed them 3D desktop with Beryl and many of them wanted to try it on their machines too. I showed them whenever we visited some college, with the students still thinking Linux is all about command line. We used to show this up and ask them, “is this possible in your (pirated) OS at home?”. Though Vista has similar capabilities, the requirements of the Vista can not be met by the current hardware these people have at home.

To see the other side of the coin, its all about eye candy. Though I had beryl installed I did not use it. I just used it to attract people and to break the thought that Linux is still all about command lines. The main reason is, though 3D desktop can change using desktop to fun, still it made things too much an eye candy for a nerdy human like me. I accept there were some wonderful features like window-snapshots, but still it was a distraction for me.

When I moved from GNOME to KDE, on the sidelines of 2006, I discovered beryl worked a bit smoother in KDE. But, there were a few problems. The main bug was that whenever I turned off beryl back to the normal KDE, the multiple workspaces crashed as in it showed me only the first workspace while others were black screens. I had to restart X to bring things to normality. But, still I continued with it.

Off late I started facing one more problem, when I started beryl in KDE what happened was the KDE desktop background got replaced with the desktop background I have in GNOME while the panels and menus were still of KDE’s. This was weird and a few suggested me of installing aquamarine. Even then the problem doesn’t seem to solve and it became worse. I tried removing Emerald theme manager and reinstall Beryl and Aquamarine. Then, I got the background was not changing but I couldn’t get window borders, both in KDE as well as GNOME.

I tried various things for around 2 hours and  decided it was enough. I deleted Beryl and Aquamarine, deciding to live without 3D. Am sorry that my future listeners and viewers of my Linux desktop will miss the 3D shows 😦


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