FOSS, Food and Fun

I was eagerly looking forward for 24th of March to arrive and this time, it wasn’t me who was going somewhere and meeting people, but people were coming and I had a chance to meet people at my own place. We had a FOSS Meet hosted by NRCFOSS for which around 30 people from Indian FOSS arena were invited. The invitees list included many people whom I know through #linux-india and hence I was very eager to meet the known faces once again.

Unfortunately I got some loads of work to do the same time, so I couldn’t spend much time with my friends other than a 4 hours on 24th night. We had Gora, Gopal (t3rmin4t0r), Anurag (devmodem), Friji Karthikeyan (cray3), Kiran jace, jtd, Indranil (IDG), Sunil Abraham, Tarique Sani, Atul Chitnis, Mohan, Raman, Barathi, SRS, Raja Subramaniam and Abhas with us, along with Kenneth, Prof Srinivasan and Prof CN Krishnan.

Although I wasn’t there during the day long meeting and therefore have nothing to add on what happened at the meeting, I joined them for the night. When we all join where do we end with ? Food and chat 😉 Adding to that a lot of our cameras flicked. I have uploaded my pics in my flickr album and waiting for jace and t3 to upload theirs 🙂


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