Words of the Day – 12

Trying to clear of all the words under pending for months.

intimidate : verb : to fill with fear; to force something by inducing fear.

xenophobic : noun : a fear of strangers without any reason.

coercion : noun : use of force to comply or deny.

idiosyncrasies : noun : a peculiar characteristic, habit or mentality to an individual.

reminiscences : noun : revival or recollection of memory; act of recalling past experiences.

Synonym : memoir, memory, recollection, anecdote, reminder.

naive : adjective : absence of artificiality; unaffected simplicity; unsophisticated; lack of experience or expertise.

perpetual : adjective : everlasting; never ending; continued without interruption.

cobbled : verb : to mend; to put it together roughly.

ebullience : noun : high spirits; exuberance; exhilaration; overflow.

frivolity : noun : lack of seriousness; carefree attitude; irresponsible.


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