Yay! I got a head!

Whenever I used to visit Planet FLOSS India, I always envied the heads guys had there. When we blog or read other’s blog we get to know their feelings, their opinion, their experience, but never find how they look until they have posted a picture of them or there is a link somewhere for their on line photo albums. But in Planet, they had their heads and hence you can get a glimpse of how they look. Its nice to know how the people, whose words you are reading and sometime like, really look.

I have been off late admitted into some planets but was hanging around with a head. Though many of them had seen me in one or the other FOSS events, I still wished to have my head. I have been receiving a lot of hits in my blog due to the Planet and I thought it would be nice to have my face shown to all those admirers 🙂

It was around a couple of weeks ago that Sayamindu was asking someone for their head and I was quick to ask him whether  I can have one too. Upon a positive reply, which surprised me a bit, I had sent him a picture of mine which he can use to make a head for me. And, besides his busy schedule, he has found time to make me a head and put it on the Planet. Now all my posts have a head of mine and I feel great about it. Thanks to Sayamindu for giving my words a face 🙂

(And hopefully, you are seeing a head of mine just below if you are looking this in the Planet 😉 )


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