Words of the Day – 11

After a long break, here I come with a small dose of new words 🙂

pragmatic : Adjective : pertaining to practical views and considerations.

sway :  Verb : to swing from one point to another, being fixed at one point; to incline or fluctuate in opinion; influence others to move in a specific way; to dominate or rule other’s opinion.

eccentric : Adjective / Noun : (A) to deviate from customary practices; (N) unusual, peculiar, odd personality.

pristine : Adjective : uncorrupted; preserving its originality; pertaining to earliest state or time.

renegade : Noun : someone who deserts a cause for another; betrayer; traitor.

cretinous : Noun : a mentally defective person; a stupid or idiot.

perspicacity : Noun : keen vision, shrewdness, insight.

misanthrope : Noun : one who hate/mistrust/dislike human kind.

misogynist : Noun : one who hate/mistrust/dislike women.


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